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eye of the storm

September 2008

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eye of the storm

Falling Empires ch.8

Title: Falling Empires
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Pairing: CrawfordxRan, SchuldigxYohji
Rating: 13, NC17 overall.
Warnings: None for this chapter.


Chapter 8

Omi stood staring ahead of him, his mind completely in a daze. The two men in front of him were both looking on expectantly, but how on earth was he supposed to respond? It was clear that this Crawford was expecting him to be happy for the offer, to be given this opportunity. But was this an opportunity that he wanted? It is true that Omi hates his father, that he had been helping his uncle to try and harm his political ambitions. Their efforts so far had not been auspicious. Can this Crawford and the young man next to him truly help? Omi's head was abuzz with thoughts, weighing down on his mind, but through it all one point remained.
       "Why on earth should i trust you?" How could this man turn up here with the things that he has said and then just expect Omi to go with him. The whole situation was quite ludicrous, but then much of Omi's life was not what most would call ordinary. A small smile crept on to Crawford's face, one that made Omi's stomach turn with revulsion.
       "It does not matter whether you trust me, i very much doubt if your little friend Ken trusts any of us. Even you perhaps. The point is that we can give him what he wants and we can do the same for you."
Omi's ears rang with Crawford's words, struggling to believe the nerve of the man. A sarcastic laugh erupted from the boy, though not without a hint of nervousness.
       "And you know what i want do you Mr Crawford?"
       "Of course he does" Ran interjected "Crawford knows what everybody wants, don't you". He turned to Crawford, eyes full of accusation.
Crawford took a deep breath as he considered Ran, their eye's locking. "Yes, i do."


       Ran sighed in disgust, shook his head and began to turn away. He stopped at the sight of Omi.
       "We will stop your father, i can guarantee you that. He murdered my family and i will kill him. If you want to stop him then you should join us, but" he turned back to Crawford, eyes still ablaze with anger, "it should be only if it is what you want."
Omi was shocked by the boys outburst but appreciative of his honesty. He could see that unlike Crawford, Ran was being deeply honest, no strings. This boy with his startling red hair and sad eyes, conveyed so much heartache which only added to his amazing beauty.
       "I understand. My father has done terrible things to many people. I do want to destroy him, make him regret everything that he has ever done, for every family that he has destroyed."

       Crawford stepped in between the two of them, forcing his presence to be known. He was clearly unimpressed with the private conversation now going on. "If that is the case, then you must join us Mr Tsukiyono."
Omi considered the American, his arrogance obvious and deplorable, but it was clear that he had the power and drive to do exactly what he said. "What about my uncle? What do i say to him?"
       "You say nothing, you must keep up all pretensions of normality as far as your uncle and his secretary are concerned. However when he asks you to work for him, i want you to inform me of what it is and what you have found out. You are a part of our team now, your loyalty must be to us." Crawford was towering over Omi, conveying the importance of what he is saying. It is imperative that Omi be loyal to them, and only them.
       "I don't want him hurt, you must understand."
       "I do. There is no reason why he will be unless he puts himself into danger. Now we need to go, but i will be in touch.

* * * * *

       Ran was angry, Crawford didn't need to be a telepath to know that, what he was angry about remained a mystery. It was beginning to become clear to Crawford that involving himself with a young lover may be good in being able to manipulate said lover, but Ran was incredibly stroppy and proving to be more difficult then Crawford anticipated.
       "What was all that about? I told you not to speak. I told you to let me deal with it".
       "You were manipulating him, trying to force him and trick him". Crawford scrunched his eyes together, so what? he was manipulating the kid, why does Ran care. "Exactly like you did to me!" Ahh now they were getting to the point.

       Crawford pulled the car over and turn to look at the sulking teenager. "Ran, i did what i had to, to save you and help you. You wouldn't have listened to reason and you know it. I did manipulate you, but i never lied to you." He reached out to Ran and took a hold of his chin, lifting his face until their eyes met. "You are happier now aren't you? You are secure and striving for a purpose aren't you? With a family, just like you wanted."
       "Yes, yes i am. It's just... don't play with me, don’t play with my mind."
       "I have not played with your mind, that‘s Schuldig‘s job" Crawford turned from the boy, infuriated with his attitude. "I saved you, i saved you from a terrible life. I have taught you how to use your power, how to fight, how to be a lover. Don't be so ungrateful!"
       "Yes, you saved me, you taught me. You taught me how to be what you wanted." Crawford slammed his hands down on the steering wheel.
       "It's what you want too, it's what you need. I care for you, i cherish you. You are what i want and that's the end of it."

* * * * *

       The door was flung open with such force that the top hinge was separated from its partner. Ken who had been rummaging in the kitchen, was at that moment scoffing down his noodles. Normally quick tempered and fearless, the day spent with schwartz had made him far more wary. He stood still, staring at the now broken door, realization now dawning on who had caused the destruction. Nagi had had the worst day of his life, period. Omi hated him, his family had betrayed him by taking that Ken into his house. Returning to his 'place of sleep', as he would now refer to it, the last person he wanted to see was the object of all his current woe. The two boys locked eyes. Ken's resolve came back to him, he would be damned if he was going to cower. Ken squared his shoulders prepared to face the bad tempered child now glaring at him.
       Nagi gritted his teeth, his frustration rising just seeing the older boy there in front of him. Ken opened his mouth to speak, but Nagi quickly interrupted, not in the mood for another argument.
       "Don't, just don't. I'm not interested". Ken was taken aback by the boy's words, he knew how Nagi felt about him and had actually expected to be thrown across the room again.
       "Wait. What?" Nagi not wanting to fight was strange for him, even in the short time that Ken had known him.
       "I mean it. Don't piss me off, you won't like the consequences". His eyes had narrowed to slits, his brows scrunched, his whole face screaming ‘fuck with me and i'll kill you‘.
       "Hey, i'm not completely helpless you know. You got lucky earlier. Don't forget what i can do". Ken's chest heaved out, his chin raised, one would almost think that he was proud. Nagi stared, it was incredulous, didn't Ken think they were all freaks.
       "Oh so now your proud of you abilities? I thought that we were all weirdoes and freaks".

       Ken knew that what he had said earlier had been wrong and hurtful. But it wasn't his fault, he had been angry, confused and frightened. Plus whether he liked it or not, he was one of them now.
       "I... I didn't mean what i said. Sometimes i can't control what i say. I was just... everything was so..."
Anything but this. Nagi could deal with horrible shouting Ken, the Ken that had tried to take Omi away and invaded his family. Nice Ken, Ken apologising to him, no. No way.
       "I can't deal with you now, you got what you wanted Omi hates me, ok".
       "What do you mean? You went to see Omi. Did you hurt him? What did you do?"

* * * * *

       Yohji's mind slowly awakened, relief flooding him as the pain he had known since yesterday had finally subsided. Cracking one eye open, he found himself smothered by bright orange hair. He lay still for a few seconds as he memory tried to catch up with him. Where was he? Where had the pain gone? Why did the pain appear in the first place? Until one word popped up inside of his brain - Schuldig!

       Yohji was in turmoil over Schuldig. He made him feel good, made him laugh, made him feel safe. The sex was good too. But it was Schuldig that was keeping the pain away, Yohji knew that. Without him he wouldn't be able to cope. But it was more then that, Yohji loved Schuldig!
       "Something on your mind?" Yohji turned his head up to peer at the object of his musings, and his affections, if he was brave enough to admit it.
       "No, just thinking. Happy the pain has gone. But you knew all that already".
       "No." Schuldig gave a mock impression of being insulted. "I don't pry all the time. Especially not with you.
       "I would appreciate it if you didn't. I like my space Schuldig".
       Schuldig pulled his hands up in mock surrender. "Ok ok, i won't pry into your thoughts. I'm not trying to upset you Yohji".
       "I know that", Yohji replied. "It's just hard with what happened yesterday, i know you care for me and want to help but..."
       "You can rely on me".
       "But that's the problem Schuldig". Yohji pulled away and rose to a sitting position, distancing himself from the man who had his heart but not his mind. "I want to rely on me. Your keeping the pain at bay, but i need to control it".

       Whilst Schuldig could understand where Yohji was coming from, he didn't know why he was being so stubborn. Yohji needed time, healing and love, Schuldig could give him that.
       "You will be able to do it, but you need time and practice. I won't let you suffer unnecessarily".
       "Well perhaps you should".
       "What are you talking about". Schuldig rose from lounging on the bed to face Yohji head on, he didn't like where this was going. "Why do you need to suffer"? Yohji looked down at his hands for a few seconds. As he drew a breath to answer, raised voices could be heard from outside in the hall.
       "You'd better deal with that". Yohji said.
Schuldig continued to stare at his lover, but seeing that Yohji was not going to give, he sighed and headed for the door.

* * * * *

       It took Schuldig the best part of an hour to convince Ken that Omi was fine and well. Not quite fine after the conversation he had just had with Crawford, but Ken didn't need to know about that. Now he needed to deal with Nagi. The kid was clearly in a stroppy mood, Schuldig knew he needed to handle this right but after being kept from Yohji for so long due to Nagi's ability to wind Ken up, Schuldig was in no mood for diplomacy.
Storming into Nagi's room, Schuldig quickly took a mental hold of the boys brain, preventing him from using his telekinesis.
       "What are you doing? Let me go!" Nagi was furious, his face had flushed with rage.
       /You and i need to have a little chat Nagi, for the sake of Schwartz/.
At Schuldig's words Nagi forced himself to calm down. Whilst it was true that the German could be a complete prick, he rarely did anything to harm the team. It was clear that Schuldig meant business now.
       "Alright, but stop talking in my head and let go, i won't attack you".
       "Nah, i think i'll keep a hold of you for now. I know what you're like".
       "What's that supposed to mean"?
       "It's always the quiet ones that are the most dangerous".
       "Does that mean that you're not so dangerous, considering you're such a loud mouth, arrogant jerk".
       "Touché". Schuldig nodded to Nagi, a smirk playing across his face. It was rare that Nagi made a joke, especially a snarky one. He was always so quiet and submissive it was a relief to see him react, sometimes. "Look, Ken was trying to apologise to you, why did you have to wind him up about Omi".
       "I didn't".
       "You did. Nagi whether you like it or not Ken is here to stay, it would be better if you could get on with him, considering you're both kinetics".
       "What are you trying to say"? Nagi could not be hearing this, Schuldig was not saying what Nagi thought he was.
Schuldig sighed, he knew this wouldn't go down well. "It makes sense, you know it does. You should be the one to primarily teach him".
       "That will never happen". Nagi desperately wanted to turn and walk away, but he knew that Schuldig would prevent it.
       "Why? Because he cares about Omi like you do, Nagi get over it. Beside i don't think he likes Omi like that".
       "Did he say that?" Nagi's head shot up, eyes raised in hope.
       "No". Brown eyes once again returnd to hateful slits.
       "Then how do you know that, did you read it from his mind".
       "Not really, just got the overall impression that Ken only wants friendship from Omi".
Nagi was silent studying Schuldig for a few moments. Could this be true? Had he completely misread things as far as Ken and Omi were concerned? But more importantly, could he really trust Schuldig?
       "What does Crawford say?"
       "About Ken and Omi? I don't think he really cares".
       "He agrees". Nagi raised his eyes, clearly disbelieving that Crawford had said anything of a sort. Schuldig laughed, raising his hands "just think about it, ok. Think about the team".

       He released Nagi from his hold and turned to leave, to finally return to his Yohji.
       "How do you do that Schuldig?"
Turning back to face Nagi, he replied "do what?"
       "Most of the time you are the most annoying, inconsiderate, egotistical person i have ever met. And then you act like this, how can you just change?"
       "I don't change. I'm always doing those things that you just said. Don't worry i'll always be prying in your mind and everyone else’s". With that he ruffled Nagi's hair and left.


I so love this fanfiction! Crawford/Ran is my favourite pairing, and I like the plot in this fanfiction... and Ran´s gift is really interesting!
Some could consider Aya as OOC, but I don´t think he is... it´s just not the Aya we know from the series, it´s kinda Ran who lost all he loved but _didn´t_ become a murderer (yet^^). So he´s more like a teenager than Aya would be, but that´s okay because it fits the timeline and the story... and for a teenager, Ran´s really grown up in my opinion. Not many 19 year olds would cope with these things as well as Ran is doing...
Anyways, I think Ran did really have a point there. Crawford _did_ manipulate him and I think it´s nice that Ran tried to "save" Omi from this... Hehe, somebody has to make Crawford´s life a bit difficult^^ And maybe Crawford will realise that he´s kinda in love with Ran-chan^^
Well, it´s gonna be interesting how this whole thing will develop... Ran surely gona grow up, i mean he´s pretty mature, but when he starts to assassinate, when he kills Takatori, then he´ll be more serious and colder than he is yet...^^
Uhm, the only thing one could critisize is that the story is unbetaed, so there are some typing mistakes, but oh well who cares^^
Please update soon! I just need to know how it goes on...

Falling Empires

Since your last update for this fic was in Sept 2008, I guess I should accept the fact that you will never complete it BUT on the off-chance that you might get inspired if you knew someone out there likes it, here's my vote for you to PLEASE continue this fic. I love CrawfordxRan fics and the fact that your Ran isn't totally hardened yet, makes him even more appealing. I love shy, blushing Ran. Puh-lease write more and tell me when you do at talietim69@yahoo.com
Hi. It's been over a year since this was updated. Any hope of more in 2010? Would like to see how things end up with the crew. Thanks for posting.