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eye of the storm

September 2008

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eye of the storm

Falling Empires ch.7

Title: Falling Empires ch.7
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Pairings: CrawfordxRan, SchuldigxYohji
Rating: R
Previous chapters:  http://angel-oracle.livejournal.com/tag/falling+empires  
(they're a bit out of order)

Chapter 7

"Why am I here?" Ken was demanding for the seventh time that morning. He had been pretty out of it the night before, and Crawford had seen fit to lock him in, what from now would be, his room. That fact only infuriated Ken further, how dare they lock him up like that?

"We have brought you here to join us, become one of us." Crawford now repeated for the seventh time, he was getting quite sick of being questioned.

"No, I don’t want to. Let me leave now."

There was absolutely no chance of him being allowed to leave. Even though he understood the boy’s feelings, Ran was getting a bit sick of the yelling. Nagi, he noticed, was flexing his fingers every time Ken spoke, it was clear he wanted very much to fling him across the room.

Nagi had got home last night just after Schuldig. When he arrived he was already furious that he couldn’t have stayed with Omi, just when he was starting to get somewhere and find out some things. Then he found Ken in his home. Ran remembered the first time that he had met Nagi, and that he had been disturbed by the fact that he didn’t seem like a normal teenager, now he knew differently. The boy had hit the roof, literally, it was lucky that no one lived above them; they would have been in for a shaky evening.

"Don’t be silly, after all, you set fire to your ex-boyfriend last night, and burnt down a block of flats. We couldn’t possibly let you go; you are a danger to others and yourself."

"No, that was you, you did that stuff not me. Bunch of freaks!"

The last word had barely left Ken’s mouth before he was thrown backwards, out of his chair, across the floor, and into the kitchen cabinets. He stayed slumped there for a few seconds, almost as stunned as he had been when he arrived the night before.

"Nagi, that’s enough. Ken rejoin the table, but keep comments like that to yourself." Crawford hadn’t even battered an eyelid. He was still reading his newspaper, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he was the one talking, you wouldn’t have thought he was even paying attention.

Ever since last night, Crawford’s demeanour had been complete indifference towards everyone. If Ran didn’t know any better he would have thought that things had not gone to Crawford’s plan, but that was impossible Crawford knew everything that was going to happen, right? He had tried to approach the man last night, asking him if everything was ok. Crawford told him to just go and check on Ken, make sure that he was ok. It had been a dismissal; Ran knew that, he was not wanted.

The four of them then; Ran, Nagi, Ken and Crawford were sitting around the breakfast table. The three teenagers, throughout the morning, each throwing Crawford their best glares to show they were angry. It wasn’t having an effect.

"What about you? The things that you and the other one did. You killed him!"

"He deserved it" Crawford sneered "The man was a foul creature, and are you forgetting what he did to you?"

"No I haven’t forgotten, but his dead now, there’s nothing that I can do."

"Of course there is, he got his orders you know. Someone offered him a lot of money to destroy your career."

Crawford had put his paper down. It had taken all morning, with this stupid boy yelling at him, before this opportunity had arisen. Schuldig thought he was great at deceiving and manipulating people, but Crawford knew that Schuldig had nothing on him. He had finally managed to get the kid past the "let me go" phase, on to the information that he knew would bind Ken to them.

"What? Do you know who? TELL ME."

Crawford leaned back in his seat, a smug smile playing across his face, now he had the boy.

"Hey quit the shouting will you, some of us need peace." Schuldig had walked into the living area, his lover walking/leaning on him. Whatever his power was, whatever had happened to him, it must have been painful, Ran mused.

When Schuldig had returned with Yohji the night before, he had taken him straight to his room, no one had really got a look at him. Schuldig had been annoyed at Crawford for not allowing him to handle the Yohji situation his way, and in his time.

Yohji’s hair was all tussled and greasy, but it had kept its blond shine. His eyes were half closed, the light was hurting them, but then Schuldig’s room had been dark he supposed.

As they approached the breakfast table, Ran looked at the young man that Schuldig was guiding. Oh my God, it’s Yohji!!! Ran must have made a sudden movement, or said something out loud, because everyone in the room looked at him

"You know each other?" Schuldig asked.

"Yes, you didn’t know that?"

"Well, obviously, or I wouldn’t be asking."

Sitting down at the table, Yohji pulled away from Schuldig; he didn’t like being so weak especially not in front of others. He looked around the table for the first time, taking in all the faces. When he reached Ran, he stopped, his brain trying to catch up with his eyes.



"I thought you were dead, after all that stuff in the club with Ryuuichi."

"Yeah, so did I for a little while, but I ended up here instead."

"So you can do strange things too. I can’t believe it, Aya!"

"It’s Ran actually" Crawford cut in, he was looking disgruntled by the conversation. Ran smiled to himself, realizing that Crawford hadn’t known before hand that Ran and Yohji knew each other. He was also pleased to see that Crawford had clearly viewed Yohji as some kind of threat, though how he didn’t know, there was no way that Ran would like Yohji.

Ran was also annoyed, though, that he had told Yohji to stop calling him Aya. He had chosen that name when he sister was put in her comma, it meant a lot to him. Remembering the night that he had met Crawford, he realised that the man had been determined to know his real name. When they came to get him, Crawford had insisted on using Ran, he had made him take Ran back. He liked the fact that Yohji had called him Aya, because in truth he wasn’t Ran anymore. Whoever he was turning into - whoever he had been turning into since the day his family was torn apart - it wasn’t Ran, he didn’t know who it was.

"Well?" Ken demanded, looking straight at Crawford. He had clearly been annoyed by the interruption, and being told to shut-up.

Crawford raised his eyebrow at him, "well what?"

"You were going to say who had gotten Kase to ruin my career."

Crawford was silent for a few moments before answering. "I will tell you, but not when you order me to." His voice had now become low, laced with venom, and Ran saw Ken gulp slightly. "It is something that concerns everyone here, and you will learn to be respectful to everyone here, do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand." Ken spat out, angry and humiliated at being reprimanded in front of everyone.

"But will you tell us Crawford? Please, you did say you would." Ran leaned forward in his chair, his eyes boring into his (sometimes) lover. He thought for second that he saw Crawford’s eyes softening, but thought that he was probably imagining it.

Crawford looked to Ken and Yohji, "we can teach you how to use your powers, how to fight, just like we’ve taught Ran". He looked around at everyone "we will work together, we will bring those responsible to justice, for all of your pains and sufferings, for all your loved ones who have been hurt and killed."

There was silence in the room for a while, the three newest members of Schwartz taking in what they had just been told.

Yohji leaned in to the table, really looking at Crawford. He had been a private detective and thought that he was pretty good at reading people, and wanted to make sure that he wasn’t being lied to.

"You can really help us get our revenge, you know who killed Asuka?"

He could feel Schuldig bristle at her name, but he didn’t care, he was concentrating on Crawford, because if this bastard was lying to them…

"I know who is responsible for everything, and I will help you to destroy all of them."

"Why, what do you care? Why would you want to help us?"

Crawford raised his eyebrows, this guy was good!

"Because, the people right at the top have hurt us too, and we want them destroyed, and you will too."

Ran was listening to it all, relieved that he was finally getting some answers, but with a building rage of jealousy growing inside of him: how comes Crawford had never told him anything, but when the new people ask he tells them? His anger had been growing inside of him since his dismissal last night, and he thought he was about to explode. To bad somebody else got there first, Nagi slammed his spoon down on the table.

"We don’t need them, we can do it on our own, just let Him leave." He looked to Ken when he said it, face broadcasting his hatred of the older boy.

"Nagi, go to your room and calm down." Crawford was not in the mood for any more temper tantrums.

"No, I‘m not a child Crawford, I‘m an assassin, a murderer. Don’t treat me like a fucking child!" Nagi got up from his chair, and walked across the room into the waiting elevator.

The room stayed quiet for a few moments before Crawford cleared his voice, about to dismiss everyone, but they had many more questions to ask.

"An assassin, a murderer? Is that what you do for Takatori? Is that what we will do when we become proper members of Schwartz?"

"Takatori’s the one who had your parent’s murdered Ran." Crawford’s eyes never left Ran’s as he said it.

"And - and you work for him."

"Yes, we work from the inside, in order to destroy him."


"Ran we were sent here by others to work for Takatori, but our plans involve destroying him and them. Everything that he does they either approve or tell him to do. He and they are responsible for Kase and Asuka."

Crawford looked to Ken and Yohji, then to Schuldig to see if he was convincing them, he already knew he was.

Ran took a big gulp, "so Takatori ordered my families death, and we’re going to kill him, you’re going to help me kill him?"


Ran nodded, it was all he needed: to know that he would get his revenge.

"But," Yohji interrupted, "what about the others? The people in charge of him, who are they? Why did they do it?"

Crawford leaned back in his seat, whilst Schuldig took a deep breath. "Well, I guess it’s time to tell them about Eszet."

* * * * *

"Nagi-Kun!!!" Omi was surprised to see his friend at the flower shop; they weren’t supposed to meet until later.

"Hi Omi, I’m sorry I hope I’m not disturbing you." He knew he was, Saturday’s were always busy for the flower shop, and Omi looked very tired.

"No, it’s ok. I’m just a little overwhelmed, as I’m on my own today."

Omi saw that Nagi looked confused, of course he would be, he didn’t know about Ken yet.

"Ken, he - he hasn’t turned up for work, and - and well - he might be dead".


"Yes, there was a massive fire at his block of flats last night, loads of people died, and I’ve phoned around the hospitals and he’s not there. I don’t know what to do about it Nagi."

Omi looked heart broken, and it was enough to anger Nagi even more then he was already. Ken had made himself at home in his home, with his family, and Omi was crying over him.

"Oh I wouldn’t really worry about it, who cares." He knew it was a mistake the moment he said it.

"What?" Omi’s voice had lost its sweet child like edge, it was much darker and sharp, even with just that one word. "Ken’s my friend Nagi, I care. How dare you say that?"

Having enough of bring reprimanded today, and spoken to like a child, Nagi was not going to back down on this one. Why was everybody standing up for Ken?

"Because he’s nothing, he’s a nobody, and I don’t care! And don’t talk to me like I’m some child that you’re telling off, you have no idea of the things I do."

"I don’t care about the things that you do Nagi, I’m not afraid of you. You must live a very sad life, when you consider the life of an innocent man to be nothing. Get Out."

Nagi was stood where he was, shocked. How had everything deteriorated so quickly? Oh yeah, fucking Ken!

"No, don’t tell me what to do! I’m fed up of hearing about Ken, I’m fed up of everyone worrying about ken. I’m fed up of everything!" With a swish of his hand the plant pot near him flew through the air, heading straight towards Omi. It never reached its target, instead it stayed suspended in mid air, almost like someone had just frozen it right there, Nagi thought. Then it suddenly occurred him, he hadn’t made it stop. His head snapped around to look at Omi.

"You have no idea of things that I do either Nagi. Now leave!"

* * * * *

The silver BMW pulled up outside the shop. Ran frowned when he saw the name, what did kittens have to do with flowers? Crawford had wanted to bring Schuldig, but the annoying little telepath had refused to leave his empath. Ran had been insistent that he come along too, he wanted to be part of things, he wanted his revenge no matter what it took.

"You sure that Nagi is not there?" Ran asked. He didn’t want to meet a pissed off Nagi, not after the way he threw Ken across the room this morning.

"Positive, it’s just the kid. The old lady’s ill apparently, come on." He stepped out of the car and waited for Ran to join him, before locking it.

Omi looked up from behind the counter when the bell chimed, still angry from what had happened earlier that day. "Can I help you?"

"Yes you can Omi. We need to talk to you about what happened this morning between you and Nagi."

"So you’re Crawford then?" Omi replied, whilst backing away, hands behind his back.

"Yes I am, and don’t even think about it, drop the dart!"

Omi did as he was told, desperately trying to think of a way out of this situation.

"It’s ok we won’t hurt you." The red head said, approaching Omi, he had a sincere expression, but the foreigner next to him looked pissed.

"Ran, I do the talking remember, be quiet." Crawford glared at Ran for the interruption, and was surprised to see his young lover glare back with just as much venom.

"What do you want? He attacked me." Omi was panicking now.

"I know he did. Ran’s right we won’t hurt you, but we do need to have a talk. You should close the shop, so we can have our chat in private."

They walked through to the back where the living quarters were, Omi unhappy about having to close the shop on its busiest day, but what other choice did he have? Mustering his courage, he turned to the strangers that had just barged in.

"Alright, so what do you want then?"

The smartly dressed foreigner didn’t reply straight away, he looked Omi up and down, clearly sizing him up. It put Omi’s nerves on edge, who the hell does this guy think he is?

"I have a proposal to put to you" the man finally answered, whilst pushing his glasses back up his nose.

Omi tilted his head, this wasn’t what he had been expecting. In truth he hadn’t believed the man when he said that they were not here to hurt him, he actually thought that he was going to be threatened.

"I see, I’m listening."

"This gift of yours, you know how to use it," it wasn’t a question. "Furthermore, after your little fight with Nagi, you now know that there are others just like you, us."

Crawford could see from Omi’s face, that he was unimpressed with what he was being told so far, and it confirmed his suspicions.

"But you knew all this already. You knew about Nagi and us, because we work for your father, and you know all about your father’s dealings, don‘t you Mamoru?"

"Yes." Omi spat the word out, if he was being honest he was a bit unnerved that the man knew all this about him.


"Your father, Takatori Reiji, is a ruthless, corrupt politician, who refused to pay your ransom when you were kidnapped. You were rescued by your uncle, the police commissioner, Takatori Shuichi." Crawford looked to Omi, seeing if his words were having an effect. They were, the boy was visibly paling and Crawford was glad to see it. "Now Shuichi knows all about his brothers business dealings, and his connections to Eszet. Part of the reason that he has kept you a secret is because he knows that Reiji would have sold you to Eszet, right?"

"What is your point, Mr?"

"It’s Crawford, and I’m getting to it. Of course your uncle doesn’t have anywhere near the capabilities to fight his brother, just him and his little secretary. Oh and you of course, his little hacker." Crawford smirked at the boy as he said it, Omi and Nagi together could hack into any system in the world, but he had no intentions of letting the boy know he had that kind of ability, yet.

"Yes, I hack for my uncle against my father. So what are you going to do? Kill me?" Omi’s face had flushed red with rage, his eyes were brimming with tears, and he was beginning to shake.

"As long as you’re fighting Takatori Reiji we have no need to kill you." Ran added, his voice in monotone, but the way his eyes sparked at the mention of Omi’s father, made the boy shiver.

"I don’t understand, you work for him."

"We work for him and for Eszet, and we intend to destroy them both." Crawford had turned towards the window in the kitchen, his glasses catching the evening sun. "We are far more capable then your uncle, we simply need one last person."

"What exactly are you saying?"

"Join us."

* * * * *

Does anyone else have issues with posting? livejournal seems to re-arrange my paragraphs and stuff and play with the fonts, in between me writing it and it being posted to my journal. It happens a lot when i try to italicise certain words or sentences. I had to delete chapter 3 and 6 and do them again because it just kept changing things around every time i corrected it.  Unless, which is probably the case, i'm being incredicly dumb.