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eye of the storm

September 2008

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eye of the storm

Drabble: All Your Fault

Title: All your fault (drabble)
Pairing: CrawfordxAya
Rating: PG13
Warnings: mpreg

Something very silly that wouldn't leave me alone. I never thought i'd write mpreg but oh well.

All Your Fault

'No I’m not getting out of the car and that's final, this is all your fault'.

Crawford pinched the bridge of his nose trying to calm himself from losing control with his lover.

'Darling come on now, you have to go in to the hospital'.

'Don't like hospitals'.

'Yes I know and i understand why, but your sister's fine now isn't she'.

'Yeah no thanks to you, you -'

'Ok, we are not doing this now. We have to go to the doctor so he can perform the caesarean'.

'No, i'm not going. Everyone will see me like this'.

'Aww darling it doesn't matter, everyone thinks that you're a woman anyway'.

'BUT I'M NOT, i'm a man and you did this to me. I don't want the baby, it can stay where it is'.

Taking yet another deep breath, Crawford had been doing this a lot in the last few months of the pregnancy, he stilled himself to once again try to reason with his young lover.

'It can't stay there it has to come out, you know that stop being silly'.

'But i don't want to be cut open, and i never wanted a baby, this is all your fault'.

'Yes it is, we have established that many times. The baby is here and ready to be born, i thought you had warmed up to the idea'. If Crawford had known just how much trouble this was going to cause he never would have injected Aya with the stuff. Well of course he knew he wouldn't like the idea at first, but he had foreseen that Aya would make a good mum and had assumed that he would be ok about it by know.

'I did get used to it, but now I have to have it and you don't, you can just sit there twiddling your thumbs. What if i'm a bad parent Crawford?'

'Your worried about that? Of course you'll be a good parent with all the love you have to offer. I'm the one that should be worrying about that, i'm the evil assassin remember'.

'Yeah well so am i, i'm an assassin too'.

'No remember you left Weiss'.

'Because you made me'.

'Yes i did - '

'And then you made me have a baby'.

'Yes i did that too, now get out the car and have the baby!'

'Arghhhh, this is all your fault'.


'Congratulations' the doctor was overjoyed at the success of the operation, he had never performed a caesarean on a male before. In fact he was so delighted that he failed to notice the young man on the bed with a baby, throwing a look at his lover which promised murder. He also failed to notice the said lover giving the young man a slightly worried smile whilst cradling the other baby.

'Why are their two of them?'

The doctor was brought out of his thoughts by the young man and was rather bemused by the question.

'Well... you had twins Mr Fujimiya. You knew you was having twins, i discussed it with Mr Crawford'. The doctor was actually surprised to see Crawford gulp at the look given his way by the young man.

'Well i guess i should be off then'. With that he left Crawford to his fate.

'You Bastard!'

'Now listen to me for just a moment, and don't be so loud or you'll wake them'.

'Why you - i'm gonna - arghh'

'Look i didn't tell you because i knew you'd freak out, you were already having fits over one baby'.

'And now i have to bring-up two, whilst you're out killing people'.

'Ssshhhh, not so loud. Isn't mummy silly, yes he is'. Aya actually stopped from the tirade he was going to make at that, wow who knew Crawford would be the paternal type. Anyway that wasn't the issue right now.

'You should have told me, actually no you shouldn't have gotten me pregnant in the first place, and who the hell said i'm going to be mummy, your mummy i'm daddy'.

'Oh no, i got you pregnant remember that makes me daddy, darling'.

'Don't you darling me, this is all your fault'.




OMG that was just way too funny. I loved it. I love Crawford/Aya and this was just the fix I needed. Thank you.
Thankyou, it's so nice to get reviews. Crawford/Aya are the best aren't they x
That was really cute!
Thankyou *smiles*
Ehhhhh.... I missed this entry!!! O_O

Uuh... I wanted to see how this twin bully their fathers especially Aya XD