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eye of the storm

September 2008

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eye of the storm

Fic: Falling Empires ch.5

Title: Falling Empires ch.5
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Rating: NC17 (for this chapter) NC17 (overall)
Pairing: CrawfordxRan, SchuldigxYohji
Warnings: Sex.
Chapter Summary: Crawford and Schuldig get what they want and Nagi gets jealous. All of Weiss make an appearance.

Chapter 5

"No. Stop. Look you need to relax, clam down."

Ran looked at Schuldig with fire burning in his eyes, stupid telepath telling him to do one thing and then another. Schuldig had to control himself from laughing at the look that Ran was giving him, it made the boy look so petulant it was almost cute. Of course in the future, when the boy begins to work with Schwartz, the look may have more of an effect. Right now, though, it just made him look like a spoilt kid chucking his dummy out of the pram.

"How can I relax and concentrate as hard as possible, at the same time? Are you laughing at me again? Stop it, it's not funny."

"Awww I’m sorry kid, you just bring it out in me."

"I am not a kid. I'm only two years younger then you."

"Yes and trust me, there's a lot of difference between me and you."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, look let's just get on, you're nearly there."

It was true, Ran had proved to be a relatively fast learner. He could conjure at will now, and always produce what he wanted, to a point of course. That was the problem, Crawford was certain that Ran would grow to be a level 9 conjurer, but right now he could only produce very basic things. For example, Ran could produce massive wads of cash, and that was great, but he couldn't look at a bank account, on a computer screen, and conjure millions into the account. Crawford was certain that Ran would get there, eventually, but the kid wanted to do it now.

Both Crawford and Schuldig had told him he had done well in the month that he had been living with them, but then he had been practicing for hours everyday, so he should be good by now. Ran just couldn't understand why all of a sudden everything had come to a halt.

"Why aren't i improving anymore? What's wrong with me?"

Schuldig looked into those beautiful violet eyes, and gave the kid a small smile


"Because this is always the hardest part, making your power grow and improve. It will only come with lots of practice, you have to remember the rest of us have been doing this for years."

"How do i get the practice then? When can i start working with you guys properly."

Schuldig threw his arms up in the air, and shook his head. "That's not up to me, you have to ask Crawford, and he'll only let you when he thinks you can do it."

"You're all so secretive and cryptic, i hate it!"

Schuldig got up from the couch and ruffled the boys hair, "yeah, you'll get used to it, like we're getting used to you."

Ran made a tutting sound and smoothed his hair back down.

"I'm going to see my sister. When will Crawford be back?"

Schuldig turned to Ran and couldn't help the smirk that formed on his face, whilst he was learning to like the boy, it was still fair game to tease him, despite all of Crawford's threats.

"Oh not to long i shouldn't think. Why? Romantic meal for two is it tonight?"

"What? what do you mean?"

"Well, you know that I’ll be out -"

"With this mysterious empath, who i'm starting to think is a figment of your imagination."

"Yeah, whatever, think what you like. Now where was i? Oh yeah, Nagi will be out as well, at a study session with that older guy from school -"

"How do you know about that? He only told me."

"Hello telepath" Schuldig patted a finger to his temple and rolled his eyes, "and will you stop interrupting me. Finally there's Farfarello who will be locked in his room, as always. So romantic meal for two it is then!"

"I hadn't really thought about it." Ran responded whilst blushing deeply.

Schuldig smirked again. It may have been the fact that he was once a prostitute, but normally Ran wasn't very quick to embarrass, only the mention of Crawford brought it out in him.

"Of course not." Sarcasim dripped from Schuldig’s words.

Schuldig waited for the reply, it was the perfect opportunity for Ran to hit back with something. He usually did, it was probably why Schuldig had grown to like the boy so much. Despite everything, the kid still had fire in him, he was still a fighter.

The reply, though, never came. Schuldig turned to look at Ran, the boy was looking down at his feet, biting his lower lip. He looked up to see Schuldig giving him a strange look, and new immediately that the man was trying to read him. Slamming his mental walls down, it was Ran's turn to do the smirking.

Shit who taught him that?

"Oh come on Ran, what's up? Something is troubling you, you can trust me."

Ran laughed "can i?."

Schuldig's face was very much devoid of any smile, when he replied "of course you can, haven't you realised that by now? We're a team, a family."

"Yes i have. I'm sorry Schuldig, i didn't mean it like that it's just - have i really made it so obvious about Crawford?"

"Hahahaha... well yeah you have, but i'm a telepath, other people can't read your thoughts. Besides Crawford's not really a normal guy like the rest of us, he doesn't do relationships."

"Then what am i supposed to do?"

"Whatever you want, if you want something take it. With Crawford you're just going to have to try harder."

"Maybe you're right, you've known him longer then me anyway. It's just - oh i don't know."

"Are you sure that you do want this? I mean this thing with Crawford."

"What do you mean?"

"Ran, you may have been able to bring that wall down to stop me, which was impressive, and i'll pay you back for it later, but you're not that good. I don't think that there's anyone in the world who truly understands Crawford, he’s difficult."

Ran opened his mouth to reply, but Schuldig shushed him.

"You must hear me out Ran. I'm not saying that Crawford can't be trusted, he’s the one person in the world that i would choose to have my back, anytime i was in a life or death situation. He is completely faithful to his team, but he's also ruthless, and nothings gets in the way of his agenda. We have a goal, something that we are all working towards, and you will be a part of that. That will always come first to Crawford."

Schuldig took a deep breath and looked at the effect of his speech on Ran. He was looking at his shoes again and biting his lower lip. Schuldig started to feel a little guilty. He truly had grown to like Ran, and had enjoyed watching the boy come out of his shell since he had been with them. It was right, though, to have warned him.

"So you don't think i should - you know?"

Schuldig sighed, all this giving advice and being the nice guy really sucked, he hoped he would get to kill someone soon and relieve the tension.

"I think, against all my previous perceptions of stick-up-his-ass Crawford, that he has a soft spot for you, and that you got to him that night that he - ah - met you."

"But his keeping things from me, you all are, i know, i'm not actually a member of the team yet, and the team is what counts right?"

"You are a member of the team Ran, and you will know everything soon, but all this is really something that you should discuss with Crawford."

Ran nodded his head, Schuldig was right, he would just have to bite the bullet and see what happens. Ran nearly laughed when he saw Schuldig breath a sigh of relief. It was good to see the always so assured German for once so ruffled.

"Now if you will excuse me, and the inquisition is all over, i have a very enjoyable date coming up."

"Oh yes, with Mr make believe."

"Haha, weren't you off to the hospital?"

* * * * *

Crawford pinched the bridge of his nose, trying in vein to relieve his pounding headache. Bloody Takatori! Honestly, Crawford didn't think he had met a bigger prick in his entire life. All he wanted right now was a nice cup of coffee, and some peace and quiet. Well, maybe not complete peace and quiet, Ran's company was always enjoyable.

Crawford smiled to himself thinking of the boy, glad that no one was around to see him do it. He enjoyed the conversations, where Ran would always be slightly embarrassed at first, and then slowly begin to feel more relaxed and open himself up. It was clear the boy had a crush on him, and Crawford was more then happy to use that to his advantage. It would make things easier in the near future, when he would have to explain everything to Ran about his family, and Takatori, and the elders.

Of course the fact that Ran was also stunningly beautiful, only made things even better. Although that did not mean that Crawford fancied Ran, no not at all. Thinking of the boy now made Crawford's pants tighten, ok maybe he did harbour some feelings, but only lust that's all.

Finally the doors opened with a ping, and Crawford quickly loosened his tie and undid the top buttons of his shirt. Walking into the lounge he saw Nagi at the table packing his bag.

"Where are you going?"

Nagi jumped with a start. "Oh, i'm - ah - just going round to a school friend for some revision."


Was it Nagi or did Crawford completely not buy that, actually, no why shouldn't he buy that? it was true, he just conveniently left out the part about the older guy. Crawford continued to stare at the boy, sure that he was keeping something from him.

"Whose place are you going to?"

"Oh just someone from my biology class."

"Why do you need a study partner anyway? You don't even really need school, it's all just a front. I didn't realise you were taking it so seriously."

"Well yeah i know but - there's nothing wrong with wanting to be a little bit normal is there?"

Crawford's eyes hardened, they reminded Nagi of pure cold steel.

"Nagi, you are not normal, we are not normal, don't forget that."

"I'm not, i won't, it's just a study session! Why does it matter so much?"

"It doesn't i was just reminding you."

Nagi shook his head, trying to disperse what Crawford had said from it. Of course he knew what they were, but he was a teenage boy with desires. Why couldn't Crawford see that?

Yeah right, Crawford doesn't even recognise his own desires, if he did he would have had Ran-kun by now.

Nagi smirked to himself, he had enormous respect for Crawford, but the man needed to loosen up a bit. Not that he would ever tell him that mind you.

Picking up his bag from the table, Nagi walked towards the lift just as it opened to reveal Ran.

"Hi Nagi, you off for the night?"

"Yeah, oh i fed Weiss for you."

"Ok thanks, have a nice time." Ran gave Nagi a wink that Crawford didn't see. The man was standing over near the kitchen cupboards watching them, with a rather un-amused expression on his face.

With Nagi gone, Crawford turned on Ran.

"What the hell is Weiss?"

"The kitten." Ran didn't like it when Crawford used that tone, but he wasn't going to cower from the man.

"You named the kitten Weiss, why?"

'Well, your team is called Schwartz, so we named the kitten Weiss. Sometimes you need some grey Crawford, there can't always be extremes of everything."

What the hell? he's preaching to me, shit.

Crawford began to feel slightly uncomfortable. He liked shy and embarrassed Ran, but sometimes there was a Ran way older then his years, and sometimes this Ran surprised him.

"Where is the damn thing anyway?"

"Probably in Farfarello’s room, he likes it in there."

Crawford gave Ran an incredulous look. "Are you mad?"

"No it's ok, Weiss like Farf and Farf is actually good with the kitten, though he does keep on calling him Dougal."

"Oh he's not still watching that bloody show." Crawford rolled his eyes. Though really he should have been grateful, the show kept the man relatively quiet for long periods of time.

Crawford looked back at Ran again to see him laughing, he had a beautiful laugh and smile.

"It's actually not that bad, who knew an Irish comedy could actually be funny."

Crawford couldn't help but smile back at him, and then mentally kicked himself for the weakness.

Ran was glad to see Crawford smile, it was rarity after all, and it always made him feel so warm inside, to know that he had made the man smile. Sometimes Ran wondered what it was that made him so attracted to the man. Of course he was good looking, that goes without saying, but the man was also extremely aloof and cold almost all the time. Yet there were instances, like now, where Crawford would show his other side, one that was locked away for most of the time, and he always felt so privileged to be the one to see it. It was this Crawford that so often fuelled Ran's wet dreams of the man, something that he felt endless shame over, and that Schuldig just loved to tease him about. However, Ran wasn't stupid, he realised that this nice Crawford was easily and quickly replaced by the other one, and he had to admit that the thought of the cold and calculating Crawford, terrified him as much as it turned him on.

"Well i'll start making dinner, looks like it'll be you, me and Farfarello."

"I can help you if you want." Ran offered.

"Alright, i just need a coffee first. You have no idea of the day that i've had."

"Is it that Takatori guy again? Why work for him if you don't like him?"

"It's complicated and - "

"- you'll tell me when i'm ready, yeah i know."

"It's not like that Ran, i intend to tell you everything and soon, but you need to understand that a great many things are at stake, and i don't want you, or the others, to get hurt."

Ran turned his head away from Crawford, he had heard it all so many time now, it was getting old.

Crawford stepped towards Ran, grabbed his chin and pulled his head up to meet his eyes. Such lovely violet eyes, Crawford had to catch himself quickly, this boy could be so intoxicating, and as much as he hated to admit, he was developing feelings for him.

Sure he wanted the boy under his control, and that was one reason to seduce him. If that was all it was, though, he would simply have used the boy’s lust, kept him infatuated but without actually sleeping with him. Crawford was not a whore, not even for a mission, and doing that to Ran would have broken the promise that he made, about him never being used like that again. No if he took the boy to bed again, it would be because he actually wanted him.

"Ran, i do trust you, and i do want you to be a part of this team, but there's so much training that you have to go through first, and so much that you have to learn and accept, it's going to take time."

"Crawford - i - you know that night, when i was working and you - we -"

"Yes, i remember."

"Did you already know about me, about what i could do, is that why you picked me up."

"No Ran, i did have a vision of meeting you, but only that. I knew nothing about the other stuff, like i've said before, my power isn't an exact science."

"So if you hadn't have had the visions -"

"If i had seen you on the street, i would still have thought you were the most gorgeous thing i had ever seen, and would still have stopped."

Ran looked into Crawford’s eyes, and saw that he was telling the truth. Crawford ran his thumb down from Ran's nose to his lips, pulling the bottom lip down slightly.

"Ran i'm not proud of the fact that i have on occasion used prostitutes, but i am glad that it allowed me to find you."

Ran was not moving, he was looking into Crawford's eyes, waiting to see the sparkle of amusement which meant that it was all a joke, but it never came. Instead what he saw was Crawford leaning in towards him.

* * * * *

Ran pulled off his jumper and t-shirt, which when he thought about it later, was a pretty impressive feat, considering that he walking backwards into Crawford's room, whilst having a tongue battle. Lost in the intense heat and pleasure of the moment, Ran only pulled away from the kiss when he was forced to, literally, the backs of his knees hit the bed and down he fell.

Crawford crawled up on top of him, raining kisses down his neck and chest, paying special attention to his nipples, whilst his hand slowly moved down to touch him through his trousers. Ran bucked under the feeling, arching his back in a desperate plea for more. Crawford chuckled at him.

"Patience, I’m not going to rush this, it's going to be so much better then last time."

"Crawford - argh - want you!"

"I want you too, it's going to be so good, going to make you feel so good."

Ran arched up again, as Crawford continued to stroke him through the fabric of his trousers. His excitement growing, as he felt the man's other hands opening the button and pulling down the zipper.

Ran realised that Crawford had removed his top and his glasses, when did he do that? Never mind he intended to take full advantage. Lifting his back off the bed, he paid Crawford back for all the nipple teasing. He even got to smirk to himself, when he heard a low moan from Crawford's mouth, as he bit down on his right nipple and began to circle it with his tongue.

Once Ran's trousers were open and down by his ankles, Crawford reached out and grab Ran by his hair, pulling his head back. He moved his face so that their lips were almost touching.

"You are definitely going to pay for that."

"Hope so, go on Crawford make me pay - please."

Crawford hardly needed much invitation at that point, he was already rock hard and so was Ran, yes he was really going to enjoy this. Ran grabbed his trousers undoing the button and zipper, whilst Crawford leaned over the bed to the side table, and pulled out a tube of lube. His trousers fully down now, Crawford hissed as the cold air hit him, only to yelp with a start as Ran's mouth swallowed him whole.

"Argh, you little shit - so good." Setting the tube of lube down beside them, Crawford gently grabbed Ran's head, just to make sure he stayed there. Ran was very good at blow jobs, and really Crawford shouldn't have been so surprised, the kid must have had practice with his line of work. Oh, damn, that reminds me. Crawford once again leaned over the bed to the side table, and this time pulled out a condom.

Ran could tell that Crawford was almost at breaking point, he had always been good at blow jobs, he thought with a smirk. Feeling Crawford move, he pulled away to see Crawford place the condom by the side of them, next to the tube of lube. Ran tensed up as he looked at it. What does that mean? Is he still going to sleep with other people? Am i just an easy fuck to him?

Crawford knew instantly that Ran wasn't happy about the condom, he felt him tense, and realised that he should have gone about this better.

"It's not what you think Ran! I'm not trying to insult you for what you did or who you were, nor am i implying that i intend to sleep around, or with any more prostitutes. But we both have had an active sex life before each other, and i want us to be safe. Do you understand, i want to protect you."

Crawford brought his hand up to Ran's face and gently stroked his cheek, hoping it would make the boy see that he did care for him, and this was for both of their goods.

Ran breathed in, in truth relieved that Crawford wasn't doing it so that he could sleep with other people, which was silly really, because it's not as if they are going out or anything.

"I understand, your right."

He smiled up at Crawford and Crawford smile back at him. Oh God that smile, all the heat that had ebbed away in those few seconds came back, and clearly Ran was not the only one.

Crawford was relieved at Ran's acceptance, and the smile just reminded him of what he was about to do; show him that sex would never be a dirty thing ever again. Show him how wonderful it could be.

Opening the tube of lube and spreading it on his fingers, he then lifted Ran's legs and place them over his shoulders. Smiling down again at the boy he began to prepare him, whilst enjoying the sensual sounds and moans Ran was making. Ran could feel all of his self control ebbing away, it had never felt like this before, no one made him feel like this.

"Argh - Crawford. Need you. Now!"

"Don't worry, i'll be there soon."

Taking the condom in one hand and using his teeth to rip open the packet, Crawford quickly put it on and sheathed himself inside Ran, to the hilt. Ran screamed at the intrusion, first at the pain as it broke through that tight ring of his anus, and then in pleasure as Crawford hit his sweet spot straight away.

Crawford proceeded to move slowly, one because he didn't want to hurt Ran, and two because he really wanted to savour this. Ran continued to moan and gasp with each new thrust, but it wasn't enough, he desperately wanted more, he needed more.

"Faster - Crawford, please…"

Crawford smiled down at the boy again, enjoying the moaning and begging. Pulling Ran's hips higher, to get better access, he began to move faster and harder, pounding into him.

It didn't take long, in truth they had both been waiting a long time for this. Ran began to shout louder as he came nearer to his crescendo, and was pleased to hear Crawford moan as he too got caught up in the passion. Crawford moved his hand to tug on Ran's hard and dripping cock, giving quick and rough pulls. It was all that was needed to send Ran over the edge, with a loud scream. As the moment hit Ran, his whole body tensed for the release, gripping Crawford's cock, and it wasn't long before the man, normally so controlled and calm, came with a loud moan.

* * * * *

"Argh - argh -ARGH - so good baby, so good."

Flopping down on top of his lover, the man gave him a playful smirk.

"I'm good right? Go on admit it, i'm the best you've ever had."

"Hahaha, yes Schuldig you are, that was very impressive."

"Just that time?" Schuldig pouted and pulled at a strand of Yohji's hair. Yohji sighed and smiled up at his playful lover.

"No, not just that time, you're always good and you know it. Talk about fishing for compliments."

"Hey a person likes to be told that they're worth it."

Yohji smiled at the man again. He sat up and stretched his back, which had spent a long time trapped to the mattress. He shook his head slightly at the man's actions, but couldn't help the warm and satisfied feeling the man made him feel. When had he grown so attached to Schuldig? He never had relationships, and he supposed that you could call this a relationship. He had never felt this close to anyone, not since...


No don't think about her now! She's dead, she's not coming back.

It didn't work, it never did. Asuka had touched something in Yohji so deeply, and whenever he thought of her, he had to fight long and hard to get rid of the anguish that gripped his heart.

Schuldig listened in on Yohji's internal monologue, pleased that the man was becoming so attached to him, not so pleased at the mention of Asuka. Of course he knew that it would take a lot to get Yohji over her, and that would only really come when he began to get a control over his power. That was actually going to be difficult, as Yohji's power was being consumed by his grief for Asuka.

Deciding to nip this in the bud, and bring Yohji's attention back to the present and not to a dead girlfriend, Schuldig grabbed his shoulders and gave the man a chased kiss on the lips. Yohji had close his eyes expecting more, and when that hadn't come, he opened them questioningly.

Schuldig smiled down at him "I think that you're worth it too, the best i've ever had." He smile again and gave Yohji another chaste kiss.

Yohji looked up at Schuldig for a moment in confusion, before he realised what was being said. Smiling at the man he pulled himself up, and pounced on top of Schuldig, assaulting the man's mouth in desperate hunger.

He didn't know how Schuldig did it. Though he had never told the man about Asuka, he never told anyone, the man still seemed to know when he was thinking of her. Most probably he realised when he was getting upset from thinking about her. He loved that about Schuldig, the way the man seemed to just know him, and always put him at ease.

"You know Schuldig" Yohji said after breaking away from kissing the man to death, "i don't think i've ever met a person who i've fallen for so quickly, not even -"

Shit no, why did i nearly say that?

"Fallen for? does this make you and i a couple?"

"Ahhh - i - well, do you want to be?"

Schuldig smiled, it had taken a month of hard work, and getting Yohji's trust, and now it seemed to be paying off, the guy was falling in love with him. Yes, operation seduce Yohji was going very well, soon he could bring him in to Schwartz.

"I've fallen for you too. Actually since that day i met you in that club."

Yohji smiled, relieved that he hadn't made a complete Pratt of himself.

"Hey Schuldig, how come we never go to your place? If i'm going to be your boyfriend, i'm gonna have to inspect your wardrobe, you know."

Schuldig laughed, if that wasn't the best excuse ever for getting yourself invited to someone's place, he didn't know what was?

"You can come to mine, just not yet."

"Why?" This was so confusing, hadn't Schuldig just basically said he was in love with him, and now he doesn't want him at his place. What's he hiding?

"You see, i don't live alone - i live with - friends. There's stuff that you need to know about me first, stuff that you need to understand, but i will invite you round soon, i promise."

"Your not married aren’t you?"

"No, God no."

"So what are you hiding?"

"It's nothing bad, well not really. Look i will tell you everything, i just wanted you to know me first, and then judge the rest later. I care about you Yohji, i'll never hurt you, you know that right?"

"Yeah, course i do. Now i'm pretty sure that you had the last go, so it's my turn now isn't it?"

"Ah - well - you did say that i was good, so i think that i should go again."

"Oh no no no, definitely my turn."

With that Yohji pinned Schuldig down, and began to re-attack his mouth.

* * * * *

Nagi could see the flower shop in the distance. He was so relieved to finally be there, to be out of Crawford's way. He shivered, thinking of what Crawford would do if he found out his study partner was an older guy. Really, Nagi thought, he couldn't complain, he was here to study. It's not his fault that he is so advanced, and the fact the he has a massive crush on this guy has nothing to do with it. It doesn't, no, not at all, no matter what Schuldig says - stupid interfering telepath, should mind his own flipping business.

Nagi walked up to the doors of the shop, and noted that all the flowers had been taken in, which meant that he was right on time, Omi was about to close up for the day. Omi lived here with a really old woman who looked after him, Omi didn't have any parents, he never really explained why. Sometimes though, there was another woman that came to check up on him, she had red hair, but Nagi had never managed to find out where she fitted in to it all.

Nagi Looked in through the window, and saw Omi at the counter with that other guy who works there, Ken or something his name was. Nagi hated Ken, he so obviously wanted Omi, and Omi didn't see it at all. Whenever Nagi had tried to make him realise this, the guy had just told him to leave Ken alone, that Ken had had a hard time, that he was in a relationship with someone else.Yeah someone who was a drug dealing asshole, and had links to the Yakuza

Nagi wondered if he should tell Omi about it, but then he would have to explain how he knows, and that would prove tricky. No he'd just have to wait for it to all blow up. And it would, Nagi was sure. Takatori had already expressed his desire for them to eliminate Kase, and nothing would make Nagi happier.

The door chimed as he stepped into the shop, and Omi looked up to greet his school friend.

"Nagi! Hi! Sorry we're running late. If you go out back, Mamoe-san will get you some tea if you like. We're just about to shut-up for the night."


Nagi headed towards the door that lead to the living quarters, as he went through the door he heard Omi talking to Ken.

"Are you sure you'll be alright, you can stay here if you want to."

Nagi's heart skipped a beat, NO! He hid behind the door, it seemed like hours before Ken answered.

"No it's ok Omi, Kase and i need to have it out, but thanks for the offer. I should be going now."

Omi walked Ken towards the door, and put his hand on the guys shoulder, Nagi could tell he was trying to comfort him, but he still didn't like it.

"If you ever need me, you know you're always welcome here."

Giving a small smile, Ken thanked Omi and left.

Omi locked the door, and turned around shaking his head, he was so worried about his dear friend Ken, so much had happened to the poor guy. He Headed towards the door that leads to the living space. Nagi quickly made a run for the kitchen, hoping Omi wouldn't realise that he had eaves dropped on their conversation.

* * * * *