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eye of the storm

September 2008

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eye of the storm

Falling Empires ch. 2

Title: Falling Empires chapter 2
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Rating: PG-13 (for this chapter)
Pairing: CrawfordxRan (more later)
Summary: Crawford starts plotting and drags Schuldig along for the fun of it. Poor Ran is told devastating news, which results in lots and lots of angsting. 

/ talking telepathically.
< > memories
Italics character's thoughts

Chapter 2

Schuldig was bored, very bored. Hospitals were not his favourite places anyway, and having to wait here with mister stick-up-his-ass, for some boy that said mister-stick-up-his-ass is obsessed with, well it is just down right annoying! Oh yes, Schuldig was bored - bored, bored, bored, bored, BORED!!!!

/Schuldig will you give it a rest, I’m surprised half the hospital can’t hear you with all your whining./

/Yeah well what do you expect? Why can’t we just knock the kid out and take him with us, instead of spending the entire day here?/

/No Schuldig, we need him on our side. Things are going to be difficult in the future as it is, we need him to trust us from the start./

/Trust us! Crawford you picked him up off the street and fucked him, he will just think that you’re some rotten punter./

/Then he will find that appearances can be deceptive won’t he. Don’t worry I have already foreseen that he will come with us willingly./

/Then what the hell are we doing here now? Lets go get him./

Crawford pinched the bridge of his nose, calming himself so that he wasn’t inclined to shoot his team mate. Schuldig was not an idiot, but sometimes he could sure act like one.

/We are here because we need to find a way to get him to come with us willingly. We are going to use what happens today to convince him that he needs us, now do you understand?/

/Ja ja, whatever. He just better hurry up, that’s all/

Crawford mumbled to himself about annoying team mates, before going back to reading his paper. Schuldig tried to think of a new way to pass the time; Whistling! Why didn’t he think of it before? Crawford couldn’t stand it, and it would serve him right for forcing Schuldig to come with him.

/Schuldig if you don’t cut it out right now, I swear to God I will shoot you./

/Better not let Farfarello hear you say that./


"All right, all right. Look you must have some idea when the kid is going to turn up, you do see the future."

"He will be here shortly, he is having a meeting with the doctor".

/Really! Why what’s he caught?/

/Nothing Schuldig. I told you it’s about the girl./

/The sister? She’s a vegetable, that’s what Nagi said. How can things get any worse for her?/

"They may do and that is why we are here. To find out exactly what is going on, and how dear Ran will react to it".

"You know Crawford, you don’t usually go to this much trouble for some talented kid, especially not a whore. Are you sure that his power is the only thing that you’re interested in?"

"Schuldig, just for once in your life - Shut Up. This is important and he’s coming now, make sure you know what to do".

"Yes sir! Right away sir!" Schuldig gave a mocking salute to Crawford, but stopped when he saw the glare aimed back at him.

/His mind is in complete turmoil, this will be easy./

* * * * *

Ran exited the hospital in a daze, hardly even looking where he was going. If he had been paying more attention, he would have noticed the two foreigners following him, and that man that he had slept with the other week. But he didn’t, Ran was still reeling from what the doctors had said, panic and despair engulfing him.

< "I’m sorry Fujimiya-san but your sister’s care is extremely expensive, and we have to face the reality that she is unlikely to ever wake-up".

"She’s a human being, you can’t just turn the machines off, she’ll die".

"We have been patient and understanding Fujimiya-san, but if you can’t raise the money for her up-keep then we have no other choice".>

I can’t get that kind of money, I’m just a lousy street whore. Aya deserves better then anything I can give her.

Tears ran down Ran’s face and his shoulders shook as he sobbed, the truth was that he really couldn’t save his sister now. He had promised to protect her until she woke-up, and now he was going to let them kill her because he couldn’t raise the money.

He walked around the side of the hospital and down the path that leads to the park. He had been to this park many times as a kid, Aya loved going there, it had a pond and she would feed the ducks. She was such a gentle soul, this was so unfair.

Anger boiled up inside Ran once again, the hatred towards the people that had done this to them: destroyed his family, put his beloved sister in a coma, that she was unlikely to ever wake up from. His fingers started to tingle and Ran was quickly brought back to reality. No! He couldn’t do this, what if he made something appear? Or made something happen? Someone might see.

It was easier to wallow right now, to feel sorry for himself. His whole life had fallen apart, he had nothing and no one. Ran tried to tell himself that he didn’t need anyone, he was better off alone. Sometimes, though, especially when he finished ‘work’ he wished someone was there to look after him, to make everything all right. No, he told himself, he mustn’t think like that, there was no one, he had to accept that. He could look after himself and his sister on his own, he just had to find a way.

He thought about that promise he had made to his sleeping sister when the accident had first happened, and the tingling in his hands; the things that he could do. He had tried to do it before, of course, he would never have become a prostitute if hadn’t needed to. Trying to concentrate with all his might, Ran thought of the money that he needed, he tried to imagine the notes in his hand. He began to get that feeling that he always got with his ’power’, as he had termed it, he looked to his hands, barely daring to believe.

Ran felt cold metal, looked down, and there they were: coppers. He couldn’t even buy a sandwich for that. Hurt, anger, frustration, they all came back to him as he threw the coppers savagely on the floor. Why was he such a failure? It was bad enough being a complete freak, but to be a failure at being a freak was even worse.

It felt like he had sat in the park crying for hours, slowly Ran came back to his senses, he had money to raise. Sighing he collected his thoughts of despair and loneliness and forced himself to go back to work. Ran turned and walked back towards the path and the main road, he had never noticed that he was being followed.

Behind a near by tree Schuldig turned and smirked to Crawford.

"Well he’s just a bundle of fun isn’t he?"

"Lets go, we found out what we needed to. Now we can act."

"Ah Crawford, what exactly are we going to do? I mean, we killed his family, you sure he’s going to join us willingly."

"He doesn’t know that was us. Besides he needs money, security, and he needs to be trained in his power. He needs us and he’ll realise that when we make our move."

"You forget lonely, he’s also dreadfully lonely Crawford, maybe he would like your company again."

The smirk across Crawford’s face was positively serpentine, and Schuldig had to laugh, looks like this won’t be so boring after all.


* * * * *



Hey, I'd really like to read this, but I can't find part 1... Could you help me?
I can't enter it; I´m guessing it´s friendslocked...
erm...no it shouldn't be, none of my journal is locked. If you go on my journal it is the post right before this which is titled 'my first fic' or something like that. There's only three entries anyway and they're all this story.
Or if you're still having problems it is on mediaminer and adultfanfiction x
Chapter 1 of this fic doesn't show up on your journal. You may want to check the post. Maybe you made it a private post instead of public.
whoops, that wasn't meant to happen. It should be ok now, but if not let me know and i'll just do a knew post for part 1.